Ideally located at the crossroads of the Gironde and Dordogne regions, this timeless estate where luxury, elegance, and nature harmonize will be absolutely perfect for reconnecting with family, friends, or colleagues.

At the heart of its vineyard, 150 years of history open their doors to you.

The history of Château La Grave Béchade

It was in 1876 that Abdon Bechade, deeply attached to the land where he was born, buil this beautiful chateau in Baleyssagues, a short distance from Duras. As a high-ranking civil servant of the Republic in the second half of the 19th century, mayor of the commune, and cantonal advisor, he envisioned a haven of peace where he  loved to come and recharge.

With limited information about the estate, the “elders” of the village tell stories that from its construction until the 2000s, this domain has always been a diversified farm: market gardening, fruit orchards, animal breeding, etc.

Even today, it is possible to see a beautiful brass head of a bull and a horse adorning the buildings that used to house the old stables. The reception hall was an open market where harvested products were sold and exchanged. As the roads were only difficult paths to navigate in winter, the estate was important in local life.

A cousin of the King of Morocco purchased the estate in the 1950s. He would be the longest resident of this domain. This history and wine enthusiast transformed the château and other buildings into their current state, establishing his position and commercial strength. He created his marketing entity, and the domain became Château, “Château” for its wine produced on the estate, “La Grave” from its first postal address, and “Béchade” from the name of its builder. He converted the market hall into a reception hall to easily accommodate family and friends. The stables, barns, and some accommodations were connected to create the still-existing wine cellars.

Between 2000 and 2010, the 120-hectare estate was exclusively dedicated to viticulture. The reputation of its wines reached its peak during this time.

In December 2014, the estate was purchased by Mr. Burrus, a renowned French chocolatier. Since 2015, the estate has undergone innovative changes. Already the owner of “Pépinières et Noisetiers de Guyenne,” which adjoins the property, the lands of La Grave Béchade allow for the continued development of hazelnuts, this highly prized fruit. La Grave Béchade has modified its operational process, shifting from viticulture to nuciculture. For the sake of its history and the reputation of its wines, 21 hectares of vineyards are preserved. They surround the château. The vines are undergoing organic conversion for an “organic” vintage in 2023. Currently in High Environmental Value 3, the excellence and prestige of our red and white wines continue. They can be discovered during visits and tastings throughout the year.

For the first time in its history, the chateau is no longer a primary residence. Château La Grave Béchade opens its doors to the public. The timeless Napoleon III style of the château can now be experienced during a seminar, a weekend getaway, a vacation, or a reception.

In 2018, the château boutique was born, where wines and other delights (sweets, spreads, chocolate bars, etc.) await you throughout the year.

Château rental / gite

Book an exceptional venue in the heart of green tourism and its vineyards. Experience French luxury and elegance for a weekend, a week, or longer according to your desires.

For your utmost comfort, the entire estate will be at your disposal.

The one-hectare park, the tennis court, the outdoor heated pool measuring 8m x 16m (open from May to September) with its pool house, as well as the sauna in the chateau, the suite of lounges, French billiards room and dining room with its historic charm.

Five beautiful air-conditioned private bedrooms, including one double room. Capacity for 12 people. WIFI network to stay connected to the world..